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So Comply Online is the perfect match for small and medium-sized enterprises which are looking for a flexible solution.

Indeed, So Comply Online is a SaaS solution which required no IT requirement and available in a few clicks.

So Comply Enterprise, gives you access to a customizable solution to fit your processes and IT environment.

This integration allows a higher level of automatization of the name screening process. Available either in SaaS or on-premise.

Products Comparison
You can find below a comparison of features available on our products.

Name Screenings
Sanctions List
PEP List
Web Screening (PEP entourage + Adverse media)
Multilingual Screenings
Simple Screen
Screening of private external sources
Add local or regional sanction lists
Customize NLP algorithm to match specific demands
Schedule recurring screenings
Case Management
Alert resolution
Multi-criteria filtering
Machine learning mechanisms
Webhook binding
Mail alert mechanisms
Client Management
Manual Input (simplified and advanced)
Import clients from XLS file
Synchronisation with CRM / Client DB
Full control of client data (update, deletion)
Risk scoring (coming soon) (coming soon)
PDF trail (Cryptographically signed)
Customized report
User administration
Invite Teammates (unlimited)
Revoke / Block users
Access Right Management
LDAP / SSO Authentification
Case management
Solution Hosting
Available 3 differents locations ( CH, LU, EU )
Mutualized SaaS (Data segregated by account )
Dedicated SaaS