Your customised AML name screening solution integrated into your IT environment.
Available On SaaS or On-Premise.

So Comply Enterprise provides you with all the So Comply Online functionalities
and the possibility to customize features and to tailor them to your business.

  • Official sanctions lists & PEP screening
  • Exclusive NLP* algorithm screens:
    web adverse media & PEP entourage

    *NLP: Natural Language Processing

  • Machine Learning mechanisms reduces false positive results
  • User-friendly interface eases the case management
  • Advanced screening schedule

Customisable watchlists and web screening

  • Sanctions lists are customisable,to be adapted to your business location or regulation requirements. You can choose to add any official sanction list issued by a government or a supra national organisation.
  • Implement your own company blacklists,if you have specific internal blacklists, they can be directly setup in So Comply Enterprise.
  • The NLP algorithm can match specific demands,our solution can identify if your client is linked to a specific business sector like gambling or arms industry.

Client risk scoring

  • Integrated risk scoring,So Comply Enterprise gives you access to our flexible risk scoring system integrated in the solution.
  • The risk scoring process can be automated,our scoring system can be connected to your client environment to score automatically your clients based on existing data.
  • Risk scoring mechanisms are customisable,to integrate an existing risk questionnaire or to create one tailored to your business specificities.

Ready for the next technologies

  • Name screenings can retrieve information stored on blockchains,lots of blockchain KYC technology are in course of development. We are ready to integrate them.
  • Results of name screenings can be stored on blockchains,we already integrate Ethereum standards ERC 725 and ERC 735 to match with STO and ICO needs about identity's claims.
  • Our solution is also ready to integrate non indexed information,using new technologies search engines to crawl the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

More connected

  • Connected to your clients,So Comply Enterprise can be directly connected to your CRM or your client database to automatise the screening process.
  • Connected to your people,So Comply Enterprise, can communicate by mail or webhook technologies with your team to send results of screening or warning in case of critical information.
  • Connected to your IT system,So Comply Enterprise can be easily integrated in your IT environment and to make it even more flexible, you can choose either the on-premise or dedicated SaaS version.

So Comply Enterprise is a tailor-made solution, contact us to receive your personalised quote.