Online Name Screening Solution

The optimal solution for small and medium companies
targeting efficiency at a competitive price

  • 15 Name screenings freeNon-binding offer
  • Pay-as-you-goNo monthly recurring charges
  • Price starting from 0,25€ / screeningIncluding a volume pricing plan
  • Official sanctions lists & PEP screening
  • Exclusive NLP* algorithm screens:
    web adverse media & PEP entourage
  • Machine Learning mechanisms reduces false positive results
  • User-friendly interface eases the case management
  • Advanced screening schedule

Reduce workload & costs

  • Robotic Process Automation reduces significantly the manual workloadand gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business. This performance relies on key principles which are automation, reliability, and scalability.
  • Machine Learning mechanisms reduce false positive resultsand redundant information. The more you use the tool, the more results provided are relevant.
  • All data hosted in one place,clients AML data, including sanctions, PEP and negative media. Therefore, key information can be shared among your teams.

Official sanctions lists

  • European Union and Swiss compliant,standard sanctions lists setup are: United Nations, European Union, US-OFAC, SECO, and HMT.
  • Up-to-date sanctions lists,with a daily real-time update.
  • Direct access to official sanctions lists,which allows us to offer you competitive pricing and reduce risks from a third-party.

Politically Exposed Persons & Negative Media

  • A database of more than 3 million PEP related data,collected from official governmental website at regional, national, and supra-national levels.
  • The Web Screening, NLP based, screens in a minute thousands of web pagesto spot negative media about an individual or a legal entity, in more than 30 languages.
  • The NLP algorithm improves identification of PEP entourage,including family members and business associates, to comply with the FATF Recommendation n°12 and the EU AML Directive.

An easy and trackable workflow

  • Periodic screenings can be automatised,based on customisable rules at a global or client level. A risk based approach can also be setup.
  • The user-friendly interfacesupports you with resolving alerts and allows you to type free comments. The system keeps track of them and all the diligence performed.
  • PDF reports capture results of the process,secured with a cryptographic key. Meaning that all the diligence and all the sources screened are stored in the PDF as audit evidence.

A secured flexible solution

  • An easy-access SaaS solution,you just need a recent browser on any computer.
  • The pay as you go pricing makes it flexibleand adapted to your needs. The volume pricing plan makes it sustainable on the long term.
  • Data is hosted in high-security level data centres in Europe,we have selected data centres rated Tier III or above located in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and France to match at best your business data compliance needs.
  • Screening functions are also available using an API,to be easily integrated into your system.

“So Comply Online does not only make your process faster but it also reduces your costs with a flexible pricing plan”

  • 15 Name screenings freeNon-binding offer
  • Pay as you goNo monthly recurring charges
  • Price starting from 0,25€ / screeningIncluding a volume pricing plan