A cost-effective KYC & AML solution
for small and medium-sized enterprises

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PEPs and
Negative Media

  • European Union and Swiss compliant

    Standard sanctions lists setup are: United Nations, European Union, US-OFAC, SECO, and HMT.

  • Direct access to official up-to-date sanctions lists

    Allowing us to offer you competitive pricing and reduce risks from a third-party.

  • A database of more than 3 million PEP related data

    Collected from official governmental website at regional, national, and supra-national levels.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to improve identification of PEP entourage

    Including family members and business associates, to comply with the FATF Recommendation n°12 and the EU AML Directive.

  • The Web Screening, NLP based, screens thousands of web pages in a minute

    Spot negative media about an individual or a legal entity in more than 30 languages.


Reduce your
and optimise
your costs

  • Robotic Process Automation significantly reduces the manual workload

    Giving you the opportunity to focus on your core business. This performance relies on key principles which are automation, reliability, and scalability.

  • All clients' data hosted in one place

    Clients background data, including sanctions, PEP and negative media. Therefore, key information can be shared among your teams.

  • PDF reports capture results of the process,

    secured with a cryptographic key. Meaning that all the diligence and all the sources screened are stored in the PDF as audit evidence.

  • Integrated risk scoring

    We give you access to our flexible risk scoring system integrated in the solution

  • Periodic screenings can be automated

    Create customisable rules at a global or client level. A risk based approach screening policy can also be setup.

Watch our solution in action

  • An easy-to-access SaaS solution

    You just need a recent browser on any computer.

  • A user-friendly interface

    Supporting you to resolve alerts and allowing you to type free comments. The system keeps track of all the diligence performed.

  • Flexible pricing

    Adapted to your needs. The volume pricing plan makes it sustainable on the long term.

  • Data hosted in high-security level data centres in Europe

    We have selected data centres rated Tier III or above located in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and France to best match your compliance requirements.

A secured,
and flexible

“Our Online solution does not only make your process faster but it also reduces your costs with a flexible pricing plan”

Get 15 screenings free to test our Online solution.